Macklemore x Ryan Lewis – “Victory Lap”

Got the chance to see these homies at PAID DUES last weekend and they killed it!  From Ryan’s production to Macklemore’s smooth flow and sensational lyrics, there aren’t many that sound better live in my opinion then these two right here.  Some people just seem to have that natural sound when performing live, making it seem as if the quality is the same as if you were just listening to your ipod.  This song is called “Victory Lap” and was done for the 2012 XXL Freshmen mixtape which is another honor or recognition rather that Macklemore was given this year.  These two dooder’s bring it, no question about that.  The visuals are pretty sweet too as it puts together a bunch of old clips of Macklemore  as he has progressed through his life to the point that he currently finds himself in.  This is an appropriately titled track and is swanky as is most if not all of Macklemore’s tracks.  Enough Chatter.

Download Here:

Posted By: Sleepy Lee


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